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Vivek and his beautiful wife Apporva

The Jackson County Republican Party Spring Fundraiser was held in Maquoketa Friday, April 21, 2023. Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy was the featured speaker. He is a dynamic young man with a unique, constitutionally-based platform of restoring E Pluribus Unum, the idea that America represents the many becoming one. He believes Americans have become so consumed with their differences that they have lost sight of what unites them. His mission is to restore a sense of national pride and community. His friend Kathy Barnette (who lost the Pennsylvania primary to Dr. Oz), and Iowa Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks also spoke. FOX News covered the event with a segment on the 11 pm Trace Gallagher show. Thanks to the Jackson County Republican Party for organizing this terrific, inspiring event. 

Kathy Barnette           



Rep. Steve Bradley-Vivek--Darla Chappell                    

Scott Nelson with Vivek

Paul & Jan Hemmer with Vivek                    

Vivek with Jayne Uelner

   Jayne and Tom Uelner                                          

Patty & Ben King

       Dubuque County Chairman        John Darrah and Kathy 

Gov. Reynolds - Dave Burggren

Senator Koelker with Nikki Haley & Ron DeSantis 

                Representative Steve Bradley with Tucker Carlson & Congressman Jim Jordan

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